Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea

Cardamom Tea


If I were to choose from an assortment of tea to drink, I would happily and undoubtedly go for the cardamom tea.


This strongly, scented tea will not just benefit your health but also your skin and hair. Cardamom is rightly given the tag of ‘Queen of Spices’ and is widely used for cooking in the eastern part of the world. Cardamom tea is also a common drink in these parts which has found its roots many, many years ago in the eastern culture and from then on has become a part and parcel of the people residing there. The aromatic property of cardamom can also help to alleviate the symptoms of halitosis, not only in your mouth but also in your stomach where bad breath can emanate. Women can also use cardamom as a mild pain reliever to lesson the symptoms associated with premenstrual symptom.

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