Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa


Kashmiri kahwa is a specially brewed tea which has the kahwa tea leaves, almonds, saffron, cinnamon and cardamoms brewed to a specific consistency. Kashmiri Kahwa tea is a fragrant tea infused with delicate flavors of whole spices. Kashmiri kahwa is subtle on your taste and ideal for the times whenever you crave a little warmth and still don’t want the heaviness of classic milk coffee or tea! This aromatic tea is an embodiment of solace. Kahwa, also known as “mogil chay”.


Health Benefits of Kashmiri Kahwa

* It’s caffeine free.
* It’s a digestive drink and fat burner, which fights stress and improves concentration.
* It energizes and has warming effect. It’s particularly advantageous to drink Kashmiri Kahwa in cold winter night.
* This tea helps to relieve headaches and uphold fluid levels in the body.
* This tea is an outstanding anti-oxidant.

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