flavoured tea bag

Flavored Tea Bags


A flavored tea is any tea that has flavor added to it of one kind or another. that has flavor added to it of one kind or another.The benefits of flavoured tea are dependent totally on their ingredients. Some flavoured teas are good for weight loss, some flavoured teas are good for indigestion, some don’t have any particular health benefit but just taste nice!


There are certain health benefits for choosing a flavoured tea over a ‘regular’ or ‘straight’ (single estate) tea. Flavoured tea is good for you in the following cases:
1. Usually flavoured teas, especially our blends, contain a variety of ingredients and therefore less actual tea leaves p/cup, meaning less caffeine. e.g MojiTEA
2. Flavoured teas can include a variety of ingredients that are all good for a particular thing and support each other to provide a certain health benefit. e.g Ginger, ginseng, Oolong and Pu’erh tea in Skinny Minny
3. Sweet flavoured teas are a healthy way of getting a sweet tooth hit without having any sugar, fat or calories. e.g Mint Choc Rooibos – The perfect guilt-free desert!
4. Any of our teas that have additional flavouring e.g. Orange oil are all flavours that occur naturally in nature and so are a natural way of getting all sorts of unusual and innovative flavours in your cup! e.g. Chocolate orange flavoured tea G2:G6

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