Pyramid Tea Bag

pyramid tea bag

Pyramid Tea Bag


Pyramid Tea bags are the latest advancement of convenient tea making, which has revolutionized the way global community enjoys a cup of specialty tea. The bags are made from nylon strands which are woven into a tiny net-like mesh. The mesh comprise of holes that are much larger than ordinary paper bag that allow warm waters to interact with more of the tea leaves, permitting to release more nutrients, character and essential oils to your cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.


Triangular Pyramid Tea Bags“ changes all the old rules. It brings a new innovation to tea brewing. The garden variety super market tea bag has limited space inside. Which means only lower grade tea dust could be put into these tea bags. If you put larger leaf high quality leaves inside these bags, they would explode as it brewed. And it wouldn’t brew properly. In order to brew properly, tea leaves have to move around. Only tiny tea dust particles could move around in the tiny space of a traditional tea bag which is the primary reason why tea dust was and is used in traditional tea bags. This meant you got a tea with great color, a strong brew but poor quality. The Pyramid Tea Bag changed all that in one stroke. Pyramid bags are made from nylon strands that are woven into a small net-like mesh, creating holes in the bag much larger than conventional paper bags

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